B8 Artist Conversations: Jorge A. Jimenez Jr.

Artist: Jorge A. Jimenez Jr.

Exhibition: When Life Gives you Lemons 

Media: Ceramics,wood,acrylic paint, wood, canvas

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Life is full experiences hard ones and easy ones. Many people unfortunately their life if full of difficult experiences, but one thing that keeps us sane and always supportive is our family. Through thick and thin they are always there for us no matter what and know you can have someone to lean when you don’t have anyone else. From the moment we are born we have our future destined for us. All the experiences we go through shape us and help us become a better person each day.

Jorge’s parents were both Mexican immigrants and he suffered not being able to have all the things he desired. He was content with what him and his family had and cherished it. My mom crossed the border at 19 from El Salvador. It was a very difficult and scary experience for her being so young and alone. She luckily made a life here and received her citizenship but in the time being she was very poor. She was living day by day and so many people that come from other countries strive for opportunity at success here in America.

So many people living in second or third world countries wish they could experience the American dream and as society continues it becomes harder for those who are not American to reach that dream. My mom came at a time that immigration laws weren’t terrible things were much easier and as it is its still scary. My mom had left behind her two twin daughters in El Salvador to later come back for them and give them a better life. She successfully brought her daughters over with the help of my dad who was in the police helped speed up her process of becoming a citizen.

Like Jorge and his family we all have experiences that shape us and with our experience we can learn from them and gain wisdom. Everyday we want to learn more about ourselves and become stronger as individuals. My moms experience has helped her to always strive for an opportunity when it will benefit her life and her kids.

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