EC: LA Lourve Gallery

This art gallery was very hip. They had only a few art pieces but it was super cute and hidden also. The exhibition was called Something New in Painting by David Hockney. His art work displayed is fascinating. He created this in art in his studio here in Los Angeles. The idea he explores in his mural is reversing perspective. His paining was 3D and so lifelike. This art piece is from multiple moments so they allow for a more complex consideration of time and place. This was the coolest piece in the whole gallery. Even mt mom was like omg that’s so crazy. His technique is unique since he created this 3D piece om the art he drew “3D without the glasses” and that’s literally what it was. He also mirrored the photo to where you can see what the other viewer was seeing. It was amazing. Another piece was on the second floor it was a in a sky room and it was a statue of an African American girl with cotton extending from her hair and I think this resembled slavery and how African americans were cotton pickers. This piece was done by Alison Saar called Grow’d.” The title ‘Grow’d’ makes reference to Saar’s earlier body of work from 2017-18 that centered around the character of Topsy from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin.’ In the book, Topsy is described as a mischievous slave girl with a naive comprehension of the world,” When her new owners inquire about her parents and her concept of God, Topsy bemused: “I spect I grow’d. Don’t think nobody ever made me.” In this work, Saar revisions Topsy as a grown woman, fully aware of who she is and in control of her destiny. She sits erect, as if on a throne, like a powerful priestess.” I copied and pasted this because I thought this was interesting background information on how she based her art work on this. I think it is beautiful that Alison gave sheds a positive light on Topsy instead of downplaying her.

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