Finger Painting

I think this was a very therapeutic activity. I didn’t have to think much and just paint. I started to do strokes and created semi red clouds at the top. I was just free painting and it was nice without thinking of having to paint something specifically. At times I felt that the painting was ugly and I should actually paint something so I found it difficult at time to try to convince myself that it was okay for something not to be perfect or have an idea behind it. This is different from other art because most of the time there is an idea you want to pay or something you have in mind where as this was just releasing tension and giving the mind peace.

B.2 Life Design

The thing I think  I will be currently doing in my life in the future is being a manager for a big company. Along with doing real estate on the side. My major is business management currently and I really enjoy numbers and solving problems. I like to work with people and find solution for people that need help. I think I could make a lot of money in this field and also have a family and spend time with them. I always want to spend time with family not completely invest my life in work. I want to be able to buy my own home in about 5 years as I’m 20 years old rn so by 25 I want to have my career going and maybe return to school for a masters in management. 

  1. Confidence:7
  2. Resources:7
  3. Impact:4
  4. Satisfaction:8

If my first choice disappeared I would be a social media influencer or a full-time youtuber. I currently have a youtube that I do for fun! I really enjoy being in the spotlight and talking so I could also see myself in the fame. Youtubers and social media influencers make a good amount of money and many opportunities would open up for me to travel for free and it would be so much fun. I would be able to work from home and be able to do whatever I want on my time. Im my own boss. I could grow from doing this type of job and to get to this fame I would have network heavy with people and continue to work hard. 

  1. Confidence:9
  2. Resources:7
  3. Impact:8
  4. Satisfaction:10

If I was financially secure I would be a stay home mom taking care of my kids or if I was alone travel the world and be myself.  I would live a lavish life and live my best life. I would be care free and stress free. I would try to find a hobby to do like maybe continue my Youtube channel and go to school. I would want to attain a degree for the worst case scenario my money plumets or something happens in the economy I have a back up plan. My degree would be in Business administration. 

  1. Confidence:6
  2. Resources:7
  3. Impact:8
  4. Satisfaction:9

Plaster Casting

I did my plaster casting at home and it was pretty fun! Although I do wish it was a bit warmer to go to the beach and do it. Getting a nice mold in the sand was a little difficult for me but I was still able to do it! I think the beach would’ve been better as I would’ve had more space as well. I have never done anything like this before so I did have my mom help me as she had previous experience with plaster and molding. I could adapt this to areas of my life by being open to trying new things and even if I fail the first time or I am not happy with the outcome I can always try it again. Next time I do this project I think I would maybe do it with some friends to have more fun but there isn’t much I would change!