Art in My Life

I would never known that I didn’t have to be the best artist in the world to take this class. I remember I was a little nervous the first day of class because I didn’t know how to draw fascinating things and my ‘art’ skills were going to be put to the test. But as soon as the professor started to talk about what would be going on in this class I felt a sense of relief, because aside from just learning art it was going to be done by learning more ourselves and bringing out our creative side. Each assignment done was to help us find ourselves a bit more and express ourselves and truly like that about this class. Almost everything around us is art and its fascinating that things we do not consider art is art.

One of my favorite activities this semester were the SOA galleries because each time I was able to talk to someone new and learn a little bit about themselves and their art. I enjoy learning about others so I was always excited to see who’s art art gallery I was going to like and who’s will fascinate me. I think there are many cool and fascinating artist we have on campus. Aside from learning about their life I was able to learn more about art in terms of how it can be difficult at time and how it allows people to express their story about themselves or ideas. I was able to relate to a few of the artists at time as to the ideas they were expressing in their art.

I am a Business Management major and this is a complete different major compared to art and I liked that I had this class to be able to relax and express thoughts or ideas about myself since I can’t do that with Business. I am expected to graduate Fall 2020 and im really excited to be steps closer to my degree since I have been working hard and still continuing. I hope to get into property management with my degree and talk to people like I did during the SOA gallery portion of this class. My class are beginning to get tougher but I know my hard work will pay off as long as I stay focused.

How I see art is different to nothing is actually beautiful we all find something ‘beautiful’ different. Art is not all about making a beautiful piece, it is what you as the artist finds appealing. Art is an expression of ourselves and I understood that seeing different art pieces this semester. At the beginning of the semester I thought art was supposed to be only beautiful and there were some artist that did not know how to draw but that wasn’t the case. In fact we are all artist and we all have our own idea of what beautiful is and in that case all art is beautiful.

Taking Art 110 was a great decision this semester as it helped me understand a little bit more of myself and the beauty of art all around me. It helped me to be a creative person and shown how to apply the creativity in other parts of my life as well. I know I will always this of the different activities I did where I was able to paint and draw what ever I wanted and to never be afraid to express my thoughts feelings or ideas regardless of what others may think of my art.

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